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➔ July 8th 2024

Data Workers‘ Inquiry

The Data Workers’ Inquiry is a community-based research project in which data workers join us as community researchers to lead their own inquiry in their respective workplaces. The community reserchers guide the direction of the research, such that it is oriented towards their needs and goals of building workplace power but supported by formally trained qualitative researchers. We adapt Marx’s 1880 Workers’ Inquiry to the phenomenon of data workers wo are both essential for contemporary AI applications yet precariously employed—if at all—and politically dispersed.

data workers worldwide report on their workplaces

The Inquiries

15 data workers in Venezuela, Kenya, Syria, and Germany conducting research with their colleagues in their respective workplaces and reporting on labor conditions and widespread practices in the AI industry. Explore the inquiries below!

Data Work beyond data work

Artists, translators, writers, nurses, and internet users produce data for AI without compensation. As part of the Data Workers‘ Inquiry, workers collectives describe how they organize to fight power concentration and exploitation in the tech industry.

meet the team


Adio Dinika
Krystal Kauffman
Turkopticon, DAIR
Camilla Salim Wagner
Weizenbaum Institute
Laurenz Sachenbacher
TU Berlin

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