To celebrate data workers‘ voices, we are organizing a series of online panels where our community researchers will discuss their inquiries and findings. We are kicking off the event series with the project launch on July 8, 2024.

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Data Workers’ Inquiry - Talk Series

8 – 10:30 am PT

11 am – 12:30 pm ET

5 – 6:30 pm CET





July 8

How do data workers organize in the face of exploitation? 

English with captioning

 Speakers: Mophat Okinyi, Richard Mathenge, Krystal Kauffman

Moderation: Timnit Gebru

Watch here!

July 22

What does precarity look like for data workers?

English with captioning

Speakers: Yasser Alrayes, Roukaya Al Hammada, Wilington Shitawa, Adio Dinika

Moderation: Krystal Kauffman

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August 26

What grievances are specific to data work in Latin America?

Spanish with simultaneous English translation

Speakers: Oskarina Fuentes, Alex Chávez, Camilla Salim Wagner

Moderation: Milagros Miceli

September 9

What training do data workers need and what do they get instead?

English with captioning

Speakers: Fasica Gebrekidan, Anonymous Worker, Yasser Alrayes, Laurenz Sachenbacher

Moderator: Krystal Kauffman

September 23

What impact does content moderation have on workers’ mental health?

English with captioning

Speakers: Sakine Mohamadi Bozorg, Fasica Gebrekidan, Botlhokwa Ranta, Krystal Kauffman

Moderation: Milagros Miceli

October 7

Data work as a career? Professionalizing content moderation in Germany

German with simultaneous English translation

Speakers: Anonymous, Data, Worker, Milagros Miceli

Moderation: Laurenz Sachenbacher

November 4

Who else does data work?

English with captioning

Speakers: John López (WGA), Alex Minshall (Guerrilla Media Collective), Arte es Ética, Alex Hanna

Moderation: Milagros Miceli

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